I. General Contractor Services (Design-Bid-Build)
Under this scenario, the Contractor communicates with the owner through the designer of the project. This delivery system is procured by the owner hiring a design consultant to provide project plans, specification and project oversight. The project is then put out for bid to qualified contractors, with award going to the lowest responsive bidder.

II. Design-Build Services (D/B)
This delivery system requires the D/B Contractor to provide both the design and construction services for the project. The D/B Contractor also holds all contracts pertaining to the project including the design. The advantages of this method includes, but is not limited to, a compressed construction schedule (construction starts prior to final design), an emphasis on designing to a project’s budget, and utilizes a qualification-based selection process.

III. Construction Management-At-Risk (CMR)
This method gives substantial discretion and authority to the Contractor to manage all phases of the project. The CMR holds and manages the subcontractor contracts for the project. Additionally the CMR must provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price at a predetermined point in the design phase, with emphasis on CMR input throughout the process, and also utilizes a qualification-based selection process.